Sleep Facilities

Yakima Sleep Center

Yakima Sleep Center laboratory is located in a very serene & tranquil atmosphere adjacent to Lake Aspen in Yakima.

All the rooms are spacious and equipped with a queen size bed, appropriate furniture and state of the art instruments.

The goal is to make the patients feel at home and undergo observation in a relaxed manner.

Pinnacle Sleep & Wake Disorders Center

Pinnacle Sleep & Wake Disorders Center is located in Kennewick which is central to the Tri-cities area.

All rooms are designed to simulate a typical bed-room to make the patients comfortable during sleep studies. They are clean and equipped with a queen size bed along with other room accessories and equipment for sleep studies.

We take care to see that our patients find the same comfort and feel in both our clinics.

Both clinics use the best instruments and technical expertise, in addition to providing a comfortable and home-like atmosphere for patients. This allows us to get accurate and quick reports of your studies.